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About Our School

In our school we have two Nursery classes, a P1-4 class and a P4-7 class. There are currently 42 children in the Nursery and 41 children in the school.

Besides classroom space, the school has a library and a school hall which doubles as the gym and canteen.The school is surrounded by a playground and has the added advantage of a large playing field within close proximity. This playing field is used by the children during all weathers. We are also in the process of developing the school garden which lies adjacent to the school building. We have 5 school hens, Chicken Little, Mischief, Rollo, Nugget and Bob, that the children look after on a daily basis.

In order to deliver a curriculum that is fit for 21st Century learning, technologies play a large part in daily life at Echt School. The school has wireless internet and 12 months ago, we became the first school in Aberdeenshire to deploy 1:1 device. Each child from P1-7 has his or her own iPad mini which comes to school each day in the child’s school bag. We are currently part of an Aberdeenshire pilot looking at Reporting to Parents and we are using Book Creator on the iPad to enable pupils, staff and parents to build reports for each child three times each school session.

The children participate in a wide variety of curricular and non-curricular activities within the school grounds and also in their local environment and community. We have strong links with the Dunecht Estate and they have been very helpful in supporting us with our Forest School site. All children from P1-7 attend Forest School on a monthly basis. P4-7 are currently working on their John Muir award by planning an equiping a Forest School site for the Nursery children which is close to our school. We provide our children with School Wellies and Waterproofs so everyone is equipped to go outside whatever the weather. After-school clubs can vary from term to term but can include gardening, netball, country dancing, coding, running to mention a few.